Train monitoring systems: Uncompromising safety.

SBB Infrastructure operates and maintains Europe’s most heavily used rail network. Passenger and freight trains run along the same routes at frequent intervals. Any service disruption can adversely impact operations and timetable stability within a very short time.

Such risks are minimised by monitoring trains and high-risk sections of the rail network. SBB’s ZKE train monitoring systems make railway infrastructure safer and more available: an extensive and dense network of stationary measuring systems on the track check the train’s relevant physical features when it passes at normal line speed. This automatic monitoring of trains has been continuously extended, developed and networked in Switzerland.

With the network-wide placement of ZKE systems, SBB is making a significant contribution to the safety of rail traffic and improving the availability of the train paths in Switzerland.

Multiple components, a single integrated system.

ZKE train monitoring systems serve to provide safety-relevant functions by detecting profile clearance and aerials, fire and chemicals, hot box and brake-locking, load displacement, overloading and wheel defects, as well as natural hazards. Availability-relevant checks, such as contact wire uplift measurements and dragging equipment detection (DED) are also performed.

The full integration of RFID systems permits the clear-cut identification of vehicles and reliable and traceable assignment of the measured data to the individual wheelsets. All alerts and interventions are also captured in a database, with the information being forwarded to the railway undertakings concerned so as to optimise maintenance.

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