SBB Infrastructure as a business partner for powerful railways.

SBB has been transporting passengers and freight for over 100 years. As a railway company with tradition and ingenuity, SBB has always developed innovative solutions for the railway infrastructure. Other railway companies can also benefit from this – in Switzerland, Europe and worldwide. 

What we do.

Switzerland has one of the busiest track networks in the world - around 10,700 trains transport 1.25 million passengers and 205,000 tonnes of freight every day. This excellent achievement is due to safe and reliable infrastructure facilities, from tracks, tunnels and bridges to telecom installations, railway software and its own electricity generation plants. Almost 10,000 employees take care of planning, construction, operation and maintenance with passion, strength and flair. Every day, right around the clock.

In order to handle rail traffic safely, punctually and efficiently, SBB develops innovative and tailor-made products and services for the rail infrastructure including rail technology products, IT systems and consulting services.

Thanks to collaborations with other railway companies and industry partners, the products meet the highest standards – worldwide.