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Swiss Federal Railways (SBB) owns and operates a large proportion of the Swiss regular-gauge rail network. SBB’s Infrastructure Division is the designated body for developing, maintaining and operating all elements of the relevant assets. Stretching over 3,200 kilometres (2000 miles), the network is of modest size. By contrast, the number of trains it accommodates day after day is truly remarkable. More than 30 train operating companies (TOC) run over 10,600 trains each regular weekday. This level of saturation is one of the highest among main-line railways. Adding to the complexity of handling and managing such an intense density of traffic is the fact that in Switzerland there are almost no separate lines for the various types of trains. Intercity trains share the tracks with freight and commuter vehicles. On top of that, the country’s geographical location in the mountainous Alpine region between Europe’s northern ports and the gateways to the Mediterranean Sea creates complex bottleneck situations with vast amounts of international freight traffic. Widely renowned for its outstanding track record in punctuality, these facts prove that, at SBB, we have in-depth expertise in managing complex traffic situations to a very high standard.

To get where we are today, SBB Infrastructure’s Operations department has had to draft and write many chapters of a very complex story, with many more yet to come. By doing this, we have gained in stature and knowledge. One of the key lessons we have learned is that developing railway operations means developing processes, developing governance and mindsets, and – above all – developing people. And then it is a matter of choosing suitable technical solutions to support these developments and unlock their full potential.

We are well aware of the fact that, when it comes to railways, there can never be a copy-and-paste solution.

But no matter what point your organisation is currently at in the field of railway operations and traffic management, we are here to help you to write your own success story.

Chapters we help you write.

Swiss Federal Railways SBB operations consulting framework. The four stepts: 1. Prologue, 2. Setting off, 3. The new home, 4. the finishing touch

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