Drones at SBB.

To continually improve its transport services, SBB makes targeted use of innovations. By using drones, SBB can automate and simplify many tasks and in doing so improve efficiency and increase quality in its rail production. 

Drone-based technologies are used for example to document infrastructure, in the deployment of our intervention teams and in the work of the SBB Police.

SBB is taking to the air.

SBB uses a number of different types of drone, ranging from simple multicopters to VTOL fixed-wing and collision-tolerant multicopters. These machines are mostly put to use as sensor-equipped vehicles. SBB mostly uses sensors which operate in the visible spectrum such as RGB cameras. In some special cases, SBB also employs infrared, thermal and microwave sensors such as multispectral sensors, lasers, thermal cameras and radars. If required, other sensors and vehicles such as manned helicopters are also put to use.

The SBB Centre of Competence for Drones.

In 2017, SBB founded the Centre of Competence for Drones. The centre of competence provides step-by-step advice and guidance whenever use of drones and/or satellites is required for data collection. The Centre of Competence for Drones ensures the safe and legal use of drones.