Rail Condition Monitoring: RCM DX Viewer.

The RCM DX Viewer application allows the visualization of measurement data collected by any diagnostic vehicle and converted into the RCM-DX open source format.

One of the great advantages of the RCM DX Viewer is that it can display data from various measurement systems synchronously. For example, it is possible to display track geometry data together with catenary data and images from on-board cameras. 

The user views, called workspaces, are freely configurable and can be shared with other users using an import/export function. 

The RCM DX Viewer is provided free of charge. The development costs are currently borne by SBB. The specification of the RCM DX format is published as open source and is available to all interested persons.

This is motivated to

  • facilitate the exchange of data between the different actors of the railway sector.
  • stimulate the market of measurement systems by allowing small companies and start-ups to offer their measurement systems without having to bear the development costs of a viewer.
  • establish as far as possible a standard and open format instead of the numerous proprietary formats specific to each measuring system.
  • allow everyone to develop other features of the RCM DX Viewer according to their own needs.
  • RCM DX
  • RCM DX-Viewer


You can find the sample data and workspaces under the links on the right side.

The RCM-DX format is based on the HDF5 format of the HDF Group. The HDF5 format is free to use. There are many applications that can read and write to HDF5 and RCM-DX such as HDF View, Python, Matlab, Igor Pro, FlexPro, Java, C#, etc.


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