Webinar: uncompromising safety with train monitoring systems.

In this webinar, you will find out how SBB’s network of train monitoring systems is structured. You will also learn what kind of defects and dangers can be identified early and entirely automatically, thus preventing incidents from even occurring.

Published in August 2018 on the Global Railway Review website.

The Swiss rail network is one of the most densely trafficked networks in the world. Even minor disruption and incidents on trains can have an impact on the entire network. To enable passenger and freight trains to run safely, punctually and efficiently, SBB has equipped its entire network with various train monitoring systems. They measure different physical characteristics of trains. Any defects are therefore identified early.

In this webinar for the Global Railway Review, Stefan Koller, head of train monitoring systems at SBB, gives a short overview of SBB rail operations and then presents the different train monitoring systems. He also shows how many incidents the systems can prevent.

The webinar lasts one hour and is in English.

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Stefan Koller holds a PhD in Physics and is head of train monitoring systems at SBB. He played a key role in implementing train monitoring system coverage across the entire SBB network.

More information about train monitoring systems (in German)

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