Webinar: capacity optimisation for traffic management with RCS.

In this webinar, you will find out why SBB uses its in-house Rail Control System (RCS) software and which RCS modules enable capacity optimisation of the intensively trafficked Swiss rail network.

Published in August 2017 on the Global Railway Review website.

Every day, over 10,000 trains run on the Swiss rail network, moving over 1.2 million passengers and 205,000 tonnes of goods. To run rail services safely and punctually and provide comfort for passengers, SBB has decided to use its own software for traffic management: Rail Control System (RCS).

In the Global Railway Review webinar, SBB expert Daniel Achermann explains how SBB rail operations and RCS work. He presents the various RCS modules Dispo, ADL, HOT and ALEA and demonstrates how, thanks to the smart software, additional capacity can be created on the rail network without infrastructure expansion.

The webinar lasts one hour and is in English.

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Daniel Achermann is an expert in traffic management systems at SBB and knows rail operations from the bottom up. He has been involved in the introduction and further development of RCS.

More information on RCS (in German)

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