Sound sidings for companies in Lyss.

Environmentally friendly and efficient logistics, all thanks to private sidings: SBB has just repaired private sidings in Lyss – and in record time.

Private sidings are a central element of environmentally friendly and efficient logistics. To this end, they have to be kept in good condition; a task which requires appropriate maintenance and upkeep management. Ulrich Moser from SBB Infrastructure’s Availability and Maintenance unit explains why: “Regular monitoring allows us to intervene early on and thus avoid disruptions. When we evaluate the condition of a facility, we focus on the level of safety required, on availability and on customer satisfaction.”

Lyss is located on the Bern–Biel line. In the industrial quarter of Lyss Nord, the municipality of Lyss, alongside the waste disposal company Edi Entsorgungsdienste and Denner, decided to replace private sidings consisting of 1891 metres of track and seven sets of points. The two companies own private sidings which are connected to the rail network via other sidings. SBB was commissioned to carry out the work. SBB’s Availability and Maintenance unit maintains, repairs, renews and builds safety, track, catenary and cable installations reliably, safely, and to the standard of quality desired.

Andreas Wagner from SBB Infrastructure Sales explains: “After a break of several years, we are now once again taking on work in the area of monitoring, maintenance, repair and renewal of private railway installations. We are very pleased to be able to offer the owners of the private sidings a high quality yet cost-effective solution”.

A one-stop-shop for repairs, in record time.

The engineering work was carried out between 13 and 17 July 2020. During this period, SBB’s construction and maintenance teams removed the ballast from the entire 1891-metre length of track and brought in 300 tonnes of new ballast. The specialists from the Safety Installations team got the sidings’ seven sets of points back into operation. The points were then lubricated and a points lever was replaced. The Federal Office of Transport (FOT) then inspected the system and approved it for operation.

  • Sanierungsarbeiten der Gleise der Industriezone von Lyss BE.

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