Second lease of life for three old fire-fighting and rescue trains in Norway.

For 24 years, the fire-fighting and rescue trains (LRZ 96) were used on the SBB network. Now the three trains are getting a new lease of life at Bane NOR.

Seventeen self-driving fire-fighting and rescue trains (LRZ) are currently in operation at SBB. Given rising safety standards, since 2018 SBB Intervention has received six new LRZ 18s to replace its LRZ 96 fleet and the old loco-hauled LRZ 96s are all being taken out of service apart from one replacement composition, which will be kept available. So as not to send the trains to scrap, SBB looked at whether the LRZ 96s could be used by another infrastructure manager as second-hand vehicles.

New intervention plan in Norway.

Thanks to regular communication with Norwegian State Railways, SBB found out that Bane NOR in Oslo is looking into a new intervention plan using railway vehicles. Claudio Zimmerli, Infrastructure Sales, and Peter Schneider, Fleet Management, got in contact with Bane NOR and explained how our fire-fighting and rescue trains work. After a number of discussions, the sale was concluded. Bane NOR will take on three LRZ 96s. This will allow them to test and optimise their new intervention plan without expensive new procurement. Similarly, SBB is pleased that a sustainable solution has been found which will also bring in income. 

Off to Norway! After 24 years on the SBB network, three LRZ 96s will now be put to use by Bane NOR in Oslo.

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