WTMS network application.

An integrated view of the entire system.

The WTMS network application links up the various train monitoring systems to form a single integrated monitoring system.


  • Complements the measurements with data from the peripheral systems
    (e.g. with train numbers, route, composition of the trains).
  • Graphical representations of the measurement criteria in the event of an alert allow for immediate decisions.
  • Combines data from consecutive measuring systems for trend analysis.
  • Enables automatic tracking of abnormal trains and trend prediction.
  • Supports case processing for reassessing analysed cases and exchanging data with the responsible RU.
  • Allows immediate assessment of the measurement data and therefore normally enables an intervention decision to be made within 30 seconds.
  • Allows for vehicle- or train-specific alert limit values and alerts.
  • Operated via the SBB data network.
  • Allows data exchange with ZKE systems of neighbouring railways.


  • Rail IT application developed in accordance with EN 50128.
  • Data from the measuring systems is combined with data from SBB’s peripheral systems and assigned to trains.
  • Highly available and disaster-proof thanks to a redundant structure with two data centres and two parallel reporting channels for alerts.

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